🎯 About This Template 🎯

This template is a self-evaluation assessment for B2B SaaS founders to evaluate if the founding team and early employees possess the right technical skillset to build the first prototype of a modern SaaS product.

During the prototyping stage, the focus is on validating the product idea and getting early feedback from users, rather than building a fully-featured and scalable solution. Therefore the expectations for the product are limited to basic functionality and limited features and the emphasis should be on quickly building a functional prototype that can gather feedback and drive further iterations. At the same time, first prototypes are designed to be learning experiments, helping you validate assumptions and learn about customer needs. It's common for prototypes and even MVPs to undergo significant changes based on user feedback, which may result in technology choices that differ from those of later stages.

Self-assessment of technical skills for prototyping

Below is a non-exclusive list of key areas and technologies that you should have in your initial team:

  1. Programming Languages:
  2. Web Development:
  3. Back-End Development:
  4. Database Knowledge:
  5. Version Control:
  6. API Integration:
  7. Basic Security Measures:
  8. Deployment and Hosting:
  9. Testing:
  10. Agile and Lean Methodologies:
  11. Adaptability and Learning:

Low-code / No-code: